Order of Clive Cussler Books

The legendary author, Clive Cussler, has been writing books since 1973 and has produced a vast array of novels and other works. His most popular series character is Dirk Pitt, which has been featured in many of his books. To really understand the Dirk Pitt series, it is best to start with the earliest novel and work your way forward.

The Dirk Pitt Adventures series is set in a slightly different timeline. Other series from Cussler include the Oregon Files, Isaac Bell Adventures, Fargo Adventures, and the NUMA Files.

Clive Cussler Books In Order

Series Written by Clive Cussler

When it comes to gripping, suspenseful adventure stories, few authors can compete with Clive Cussler. His novels have captivated audiences all over the world, and he has created a number of series that have become fan favorites. From the Dirk Pitt series to the Oregon Files series, there is something for everyone.

The Dirk Pitt series follows the exploits of Dirk Pitt, an adventurer and special projects director for NUMA. This series has captivated readers for decades, as Dirk Pitt and his crew battle against the forces of nature and nefarious villains. The Oregon Files series follows the adventures of Juan Cabrillo and his crew aboard the Oregon, a high-tech spy ship. The Isaac Bell series tracks the investigations of Isaac Bell, a Van Dorn Detective Agency investigator. Meanwhile, the Fargo series follows the husband and wife team of Sam and Remi Fargo, and the NUMA Files series chronicles the adventures of Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, and the rest of the NUMA team.

No matter which series you choose, you can be sure that Clive Cussler will provide an enthralling, thrilling ride. With each novel, Cussler takes his readers on a wild journey, full of twists and turns.

Combination Books by Clive Cussler

Why settle for one book when you can get two, or even three in one? That’s the idea behind Clive Cussler’s Combination Books. Combination Books are books that combine two or more novels from the same series written by the author. These books are often released as a single volume, making it easier for fans of the series to collect the entire set in one package.

Clive Cussler has released several Combination Books series, such as the Dirk Pitt Adventures, NUMA Files, and Oregon Files. Combination Books by Clive Cussler can be purchased from bookstores, online retailers, or directly from the publisher.

Connected Books by Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler is a renowned author who has been captivating readers with his thrilling adventures since the 1970s. His books have been beloved by readers of all ages, and now there is an even easier way to enjoy them – through connected books. Connected books are series of books that are part of the same storyline, and each book continues the story of the characters or explores a new mystery. The Dirk Pitt Adventure Series consists of 24 books, the NUMA Files series contains 18 books, the Oregon Files series has 10 books, the Isaac Bell Adventures has 8 books, and the Fargo Adventures has 8 books. These books are available in hardcover editions and some may contain additional material or interviews with the author. Audio books are also available for those who prefer listening to reading, providing an enjoyable and convenient way to experience Clive Cussler’s incredible stories. In addition, Combination Books are available which combine two or more novels from the same series into one convenient package.

Availability of Audio Books

When it comes to enjoying the thrilling adventures of Clive Cussler, audio books are the perfect way to experience his stories. With audio books, listeners can enjoy Cussler’s tales while they work, drive, or relax, and there are a variety of platforms on which to access them, from Amazon to Audible to iTunes. Moreover, a broad range of titles are available, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Audio books are narrated by professional narrators, trained to bring the story to life in a compelling way. They add sound effects and music to make the experience even more immersive.

Clive Cussler Books In Order

Co-Authored Books by Cussler

How many books have Clive Cussler and his co-authors written? The answer is a lot! From the Oregon Files series to the Isaac Bell series, and the Fargo Adventures series to the Dirk Pitt series, all of Cussler’s co-authored books have been published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons. His stories have become incredibly popular among fans of adventure and mystery fiction, captivating readers with their unique blend of mystery, adventure, and history.

With all these great books, it can be hard to keep track of them all. That’s why Cussler’s books are such a great choice for audio books, so you can listen to them whenever it’s convenient for you. With professional narrators, sound effects and music, these audio books bring his stories to life in a way that’s both immersive and exciting.

Consolidated List of Cussler Books

Clive Cussler is one of the most prolific and beloved authors of adventure fiction, and his many books have captured the imaginations of readers around the world. From the Dirk Pitt series to the Oregon Files series and the Isaac Bell series, Cussler’s works have become iconic in the world of adventure and mystery fiction.

But how many books has Clive Cussler published? The answer is a staggering number! To date, Cussler has published or co-authored over 80 books, including standalone novels, series, and non-fiction titles. This impressive body of work includes the Dirk Pitt series, the NUMA Files series, the Oregon Files series, the Isaac Bell series, and a number of stand-alone novels.

With each book, Cussler captivates readers with his unique blend of mystery, adventure, and history, making it easy to understand why his books have become so popular.

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